ABACUS Features

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings
Product Introduction
ABACUS Fittings
Nominal Diameter (Su) : 13-60
First in the World!! Abacus Beads Rolled Thread Method
No Leakage, No Pull-out, No special Tools
Patented: In Japan and 15 other countries
Official Approvals:
SAS322 Approved Product No.32213
JWWA Certification Registration G-465
Listed in:
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s
Equipment Installation Control Guide
Scope of Application
■ Applicable use
Water, Hot water, Hot & Cold water, Cooling water, Air, Sprinkler
■ Applicable pipe
JIS G 3448 Light Gauge Stainless Steel Tubes for Ordinary Piping ; Nominal Diameter (SU) 13~60
JWWA G 115 Stainless Steel Pipe fot Water Supply ; Nominal Diameter (SU) 13~50
■ Scope of application

*1 ) Pressure range of Flange is 0 to 1.0Mpa.
*2 ) Please use the proper O-ring within the range of temperature and system.
*3 ) Hot water temperature must be under 60°C especially when circulation water runs 24hours.

■ Applicable quality of water *3

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
"Ministerial Ordinance Concerning Water Quality Standard"
The Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association
"Guideline of Water Quality for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment"

*3 ) In principle, please do not conduct the water treatment including Corrosion inhibitor.
         Regeneration treated water, Well water, Rain water, River water, Hot spring water, Chemical fluid,
         Oil, Sewage water, Gus, Steam are not applicable.

■ Expected Lifetime by use of fitting / plumbming (For reference) *4 ~ *6

*4 ) The Expected Grade is indicated in this chart.
        Depending on Fluid property, Design condition, Maintenance magagement,
        Water quality management and etc., the deflection to the Grade in fact may occuer by definition.
        (Consider 1 rank lower grade within a system of uncontrolled water quality.)
*5 ) In case there is time-lag between Lifetime of building and Expected Lifetime of fitting / plumbming,
        please design piping application due after consideration of maintenance for piping renewal.
        Please do place the valve and/or By-pass piping with consideration of piping renewal, especially with
        hot water system of Central unit that is required continuous running by forced circulation system.
*6 ) All the device such as valve, tank, pump and piping parts made with Stainless steel are recommended
        in order to prevent rusty water and to ensure the Expected Lifetime.
        Such as Copper alloy and/or Cast iron used in Circulation system may have harmful effects to
        the rubber material by elution of oxide.

1 Economical material and installation cost
Jointing in 30 sec. by use of two pairs of pipe wrenches only.
2 High pull out resistance
Pull-out resistance at leakage is 4 times of the specified value.
3 Speedy and convenient installation
Free swiveling is most suitable for pre-assembled unit piping.
4 High corrosion resistance
Little stainless steel magneticity - free from corrosion.
5 Eco-friendly
Product of high precision stainless casting - light in weight and recyclable.
6 Re-use of fittings
By replacing a retainer, the main body of a fitting can be re-used.
  • Without any special tools, perfect piping can be completed speedily.
  • No need of flaring or grooving of the pipe. Only by chamfering, piping can be performed.
  • Performance is approved to meet SAS322 Performance Standard (Approval No. SAS32213). The performance has been well proven by wide use in public and private jobs.
  • Adjustment of direction after installation is possible. Most suitable for pre-assembled unit piping. Fixed type is also available for connecting faucet devices.
  • No adverse effect to pipes by installation. This is a pipe-friendly fitting which does not affect the intrinsic corrosion resistance of a stainless steel pipe will not be affected, a pipe friendly fitting.
  • Main Body is of stainless steel precision casting. This is an eco-friendly product and environmental consideration is also taken regards other components used.


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