O'zzone Boy B Features

No Leakage

By the double seal of special developed rubber, even under such severe conditions as Pressure of 4.3MPa and Temperature of -45 Degree C thru +130 Degree C, the sealing performance is secured over a long period.

Excellent Pull-out resistance

By leverage method, the pull-out resistance is more than 4 times(17.2MPa)of the max. working pressure

Firefree connection

No need of nitrogen gas replacement or curing.
Namely no Fire risk.
Shorten the work period & Cost friendly Advantage of stable installation quality

Easy Installation

Low torque tightening at small install space has now been realized.
No special tool needed.
Just an adjustable wrench or a spanner can be used.
Completion of connection only by two turns of nut.
Full supported accessories such as insulated materials and pressure test kit for the fittings.

PAT. Leverage method.

(1)Along with the nut turn, the "B" point is compressed on the copper pipe surface.
(2)In pull-out force, thanks to the principle of lever, the point "A" lets the point "B" make grip the pipe accordingly.
(3)In such abused pull-out force, this "thin end of wedge" contributes to be more safer against the pull-out force.

For future of Children Most vital to our present and to our future

We have to make our planet a better place to live.
The watery planet,
they say the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere is 15 degree C.
This globe is, by far, the most comfortable couch in space.
Protection of the ozone layer and prevention of global warming issue are the weight of our facing responsibility.
"O'zzone Boy" is the one, which can support this situation in a small way.
Firefree connection for new refrigerant (HFC) systems We are supporting you continuingly.

Insulation materials(thickness 20mm)

  • Excellent performance against condensation water
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Standard spec. approval from the Ministry of Land in Japan.

ECO packing

  • You can achieve your construction area keep more clean and organized with this package.
  • It is convenient for delivery and storage.
  • Install manual and cautionary statement are mentioned on unitary box package.

Gas tightness test procedure

*Follow the manuals and guideline from air-conditioning equipment

Installation procedure

  • Easy installation:
    CZ type was changed from ordinary C (12.7-28.58) and/or CX (31.75-38.1) type.
    CW type (6.35-9.52) is remain unchanged.


Strong Point
Install procedure
Strong Point
Install procedure
Strong Point
Install procedure
O'zzone Boy B
Strong Point
Install procedure
Strong Point
Install procedure