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Thank you for accessing our website and welcome to Higashio Mech.
Like the title of a recent Japanese popular song, “Only One Flower in The World", we are a small, unique company, and we intend to remain as a gem in our business field.

At the early stage of our development 55 years ago it was a struggle for us to survive due to limitations of funds, personnel and properties. This situation made us realize the necessity of turning a profit in order to stay in business. Our appreciation of this fact became our heritage and has given birth to our “Collaboration Spirit", which together with fair sharing of remuneration, plays a major role in nurturing our personnel.

With the downturn of the Japanese economy, we have been considering how to best make our presence known in the matured market. Having accumulated extensive know-how regarding the manufacture and application of hybrid pipe fittings of malleable cast iron and plastics through the process of our achieving leadership in this business, we are now seeking for the evaluation of the market with our 5, all first in the world, mechanical methods.

When we look overseas we see not only the rise of China but also a big wave of globalization sweeping the world. We are determined to take the opportunity this offers, based on our more than 35 years' experience of outsourcing in South East Asian countries, to create our future.

This year is the 55th anniversary of our foundation, and on this occasion I would like to declare a slogan for our company. The expression I have conceived is “Attractive Mech" and with this we will carry out our mission as we move “To the Next…" As the song says, there is no need to be the number one, for we have always been an “Only One".

We look forward to developing a good relationship with you and deeply appreciate your interest in our company.

December 2004

Mitsuaki Higashio

Chairman's Message
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