Company Information
Management Philosophy
“One for All, and All for One”
Higashio Mech respect the long established Collaboration Spirit,
and aim to be an enterprise the existence and significance of which is appreciated by the employee, customers and local community.

1. Safety First
Under the circumstances of the product range keep expanding and the technical level of equipment ever advancing in the limited space of our plant, the first priority will be given to the investment for safety and strict compliance with the rule of the designated quantity at the designated place.

2. Customer First Service
Our salaries are derived from our customers. We will do our best to meet with the need of our customers by always thinking on the customers’ standpoint.

3. Growth of the Company and Happiness of the Employee
Growth of the company will be made possible by the increase of the turnover.
Through every opportunities, try to increase the turnover and promote cost reduction and business efficiencies. These activities will bring along the growth of the employee and will enable sharing of generated profit by the performance.

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