Air conditioning piping (Refrigerant pipe)

Air Conditioning PipingAir conditioning piping ( Refrigerant pipe )

(Refrigerant Pipe)

In the air conditioning piping for building facilities, two main types of pipes are primarily used: carbon steel pipes for piping (SGP) and copper pipes for general refrigerant piping. For drain and wastewater applications, vinyl chloride pipes are used.SGP steel pipes are ・・・

Reiwa O'zzone

Reiwa O'zzone
Copper Pipe

Fitting for refrigerant copper pipes, with a structure where the claw-bite parts on both ends of the fitting body bite into the copper pipes by tightening the nuts, providing anti-leak and sealing capabilities. Inner cores or rubber gaskets as backup seals are added depending on the sizes of the fittings . The sizes 31.75mm and 38.1mm achieve a low price with insulation materials while maintaining the continued ease of construction of O'zzone Boy B. Test plugs are available for all sizes. JCDA0012 certified product.

Sanitary piping ( Water supply pipe / hot water supply pipe )

Sanitary PipingSanitary piping ( Water supply pipe / hot water supply pipe )

(Water Supply Pipe / Hot Water Supply Pipe)

There are mainly metal and plastic water supply pipes that deliver water from the distribution pipes to buildings. In the past, lead was commonly used, ・・・

Fire extinguishing piping

Fire Extinguishing PipingFire extinguishing piping

Fire extinguishing systems, which are used in the event of a fire, utilize dedicated fire extinguishing piping.
"Fire extinguishing system" refer to mechanical devices or equipment used for extinguishing fires using water or other fire-extinguishing agents・・・

Gas piping

Gas PipingGas piping

Pipes are essential for the transportation of gas that supports our lives. Initially, the commonly used type of gas piping was white gas piping, which consisted of steel pipes with a zinc coating. ・・・


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