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Official Approval Stainless Steel Association :SAS322 Certification No.SAS32213:#15
JWWA Certification for water supply equipment G-822
Use Application Plumbing (Hot & Cold), Chill water, Air
Applicable Pipe Specification JIS G 3448 Stainless steel pipe for general plumbing Nominal size 13Su~60Su
JWWA G 115 Stainless steel pipe for water supply Nominal size 13Su~60Su
Applicable Water Quality Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's water quality standards (#101)
Conforming to Water Quality Guidelines for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment (JRA-GL01, year 1994)
Please refrain from conducting water treatment with rust inhibitors as a general rule.
Not suitable for use with recycled water, well water, rainwater, river water, hot springs, chemicals, oil, wastewater, gas, or steam.


  • 1

    Quick Installation

    No need for a wrench, achieves the ultimate simple installation. Since tightening nuts is not necessary, the assembly time can be significantly reduced.

  • 2

    No nut loosen

    The FI lock ring prevents the nuts from loosening.

  • 3

    Visibility for detection in dark areas

    Provides excellent visibility for detection even in dark areas. The indicator adopts fluorescent colors, enhancing detection accuracy further with the use of a black light.

  • 4

    Adjustable Pipe Angle

    Even after pipe connection, the pipe angle can be freely adjusted.
    No problem caused by nut loosening trouble, since Nut does not rotate together with pipe: Utilizing prefab units further enhances productivity.

  • 5

    Resistant to earthquakes and bending issues

    Due to a longer insertion length of the pipe compared to conventional methods, it exhibits excellent seismic and bending resistance.

  • 6

    The sealing material is equipped with fluorine O-rings and protective rings

    Our proven fluororubber and protective ring in the hot water circulation line ensure outstanding heat resistance, chlorine resistance, and flow water durability.

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