Reiwa O'zzone
Reiwa O'zzone
Reiwa O'zzone

Introducing the "Reiwa O'zzone" a proven performance as a refrigerant piping fitting, now evolving even further.
"Reiwa O'zzone" is a newly born entity inheriting the DNA of "O'zzone"
Fulfilling on-site requests to the fullest extent! Refrigerant piping has advanced to the next era.

\ Obtained patents domestically and internationally. /

Official Approval JCDA approval: JCDA0012 No.JC001220001
ISO 14903:2017
Use Application Air Conditioning Refrigerant (HFC)
Pipe Application JIS B 8607 Appendix-A Chanrt-A-1 : Thickness of copper and copper alloy for refrigerant piping
JCDA 0009 : Insulated copper pipes for refrigerant.
JCDA 0010 : Insulated copper pipes for general refrigerant applications
Nominal Diameter: 6.35, 9.52, 12.7, 15.88, 19.05, 22.22, 25.4, 28.58, 31.7, 38.1

Give it a try! Don't be afraid to try something new!

Fire-Free Method

- Safe & Secure Refrigerant Piping

  • Reiwa O'zzone : Cost-effective with simple installation!
  • (Fire-Free) Preventing the emission of soot and avoiding damage to the air conditioning unit : Maintenance-free!
  • Leak-proof, despite being a skill-free mechanical fitting!
  • Please try to use O'zzone with our 20 years of experience and the evolution.


  • 1

    Secure Fire-Free Method

    The new era is towards "Fire-Free Fittings".

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  • 2

    The material and labor costs are equivalent to the welding method

    The material and labor costs are almost the same compared to the welding method.

    Fire-free and easy to install, ensuring consistent quality for everyone.

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  • 3

    Reduce the burden of working at heights with poor scaffolding

    Making arduous works comfortable and speedy.

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  • 4

    No pull-out, no leakage : Claw Biting method (PAT.)

    Claw Biting method : Fitting won't be pulled out from the pipe once it bites.
    Double or triple backup for absolute leak-free assurance.

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