Explanation! What is Sanitary Piping?
(Water Supply Pipe / Hot Water Supply Pipe)

There are mainly metal and plastic water supply pipes that deliver water from the distribution pipes to buildings.

In the past, lead was commonly used, but it gradually fell out of use due to harmful substances dissolving into the water. Afterward, zinc-coated steel pipes (called "white pipes") emerged and were widely used. However, issues such as water turning red due to rust generated inside the water pipes and blockage of pipes caused by rust led to the discontinuation of their use. In some older buildings, such as certain condominiums, you may encounter reddish water coming from pipes that have not been used for a while, which is caused by issues with the water supply pipes.

To address the red water problem, the development of pipes with strong resistance to rust was undertaken. This resulted in the use of metal pipes such as vinyl-lined steel pipes and stainless steel pipes, as well as resin pipes like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes and cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes.

Currently, seismic resistance is the most critical aspect in water supply pipe performance. In the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake, the screw joints of the prevalent metal pipes were damaged, leading to prolonged restoration efforts. Although screw-type fittings are cost-effective and widely used, this incident prompted the advancement of seismic-resistant pipelines using flexible fittings and plastic pipes.

Even in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, damage was observed in water supply pipes that were considered safe according to conventional standards. In earthquake-prone Japan, seismic resistance remains an everlasting challenge.

In response to the progress in water supply pipes, Higashio Mech developed 'Epocoat Extra' and 'Epocoat Multi,' corrosion-resistant fittings for lining steel pipes to completely prevent red water, as well as 'Snap Joint,' plastic pipe fittings that prevent leakage and detachment with a simple one-touch installation. 'KK Best,' a stainless steel pipe fitting adopting the New Expansion Pipe Method, combines the accumulated knowledge of mechanical fittings to achieve both easy and rapid installation and high reliability.

With a wide range of fittings tailored to different needs, Higashio Mech contributes to the realization of safer and more reliable water supply systems.

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