Use Application Water Supply, Hot Water Supply, Cold and Hot Water Piping, Mainly for Indoor Piping
Applicable Pipe JIS K 6769 Cross-Linked Polyethylene Pipe, Type M, Pressure Rating PN15, Nominal Diameter 10, 13, 16, 20.
JIS K 6787 Cross-Linked Polyethylene Pipe for Water Supply, Type XM, Nominal Diameter 10, 13.
Applicable Water Quality Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Ordinance (No. 101) Based on Water Quality Standards.
Note: In principle, water treatments involving rust inhibitors should not be conducted.
This product cannot be used with reclaimed water, well water, rainwater, river water, hot springs, chemicals, oils, wastewater, gas, or steam.


  • 1

    15% Slim

    Compared to conventional products, up to 15% slimmer! It's now easier to accommodate piping covers.

  • 2

    Insertion Force 50%

    Up to 50% reduction in insertion force compared to conventional products!
    Reduction of fatigue of the workers during piping work!

  • 3

    Triple Completion Check

    Confirmation of construction through sound and visual signs, and what's more, it's possible even in dimly lit environments.

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