Explanation! What is Fire Extinguishing Piping?

Fire extinguishing system, which are used in the event of a fire, utilize dedicated fire extinguishing piping.
"Fire extinguishing system" refer to mechanical devices or equipment used for extinguishing fires using water or other fire-extinguishing agents. Examples of such systems are as follows;

Indoor Fire Hydrant System

It is a fire extinguishing system installed inside buildings and used for initial fire extinguishing until the fire department arrives at the scene. This equipment is operated by individuals to extinguish fires and is equipped with alarm devices and transmitters. It contains hoses and nozzles for discharging water.

Sprinkler System

It is a fire extinguishing system that automatically detects fires and discharges water through sprinkler heads installed on the ceiling or under the roof.

Water Mist Fire extinguishing System

It is a similar configuration system with sprinkler but the dispersed water droplets are fine, which extinguish the fire by the following 2 effects. : Cooling effect achieved by extracting heat when water rapidly evaporates due to heat during a fire and smothering effect by covering the combustion surface with steam to block oxygen.

Outdoor Fire Hydrant System

It is a fire extinguishing system installed around the building to prevent the spread of fire by discharging water from the outside. Like indoor fire hydrant systems, it is operated by individuals and uses hoses and nozzles to discharge water.

Foam Fire Extinguishing System

It is a fire extinguishing system that extinguishes fires by covering the burning surface with foam, which has both a suffocating effect and a cooling effect due to the water content in the foam. It is effective in combating oil fires and is commonly installed in places such as parking lots and heliports.

Interconnected Water Supply Pipe

It is a facility used by the fire department for full-scale fire extinguishing operations. It is installed in high-rise buildings, underground malls, and so on to supply fire extinguishing water to the floor where the fire would have occurred. It serves to deliver water to the fire extinguishing operation level during emergencies.

Due to its critical importance to human life, fire extinguishing piping has strict installation standards regarding strength, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance. While metal pipes were once the norm, polyethylene pipes are now also approved for use.

"Mama Joint" is a fire extinguishing piping and cold/hot water piping housing fitting that has received certification from Fire Equipment and Safety Center of Japan. It offers ease of installation through prefabrication method, minimizing on-site man-hours, and enables piping work to be conducted with a small number of people. It also ensures safety without fire used.

In fire extinguishing piping, threaded, grooved, welded, or flanged connection has been the mainstream. However, there is a growing demand for new materials and technologies that offer "easy installation" in this field.

Fire Extinguishing Piping Multi-port fitting Fire Extinguishing Piping
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